When all parameters are properly set, you need to configure the setup to match your paywall type.

Our tracker should not load if the paywall element appears on the page because anonymous users can't read much of the content. 

In your case, this could be set like this or somewhat similar solution:

if (PAYWALL) {
  // do not load CI tracking code
  _ain.trackauto = false;

Please note that the PAYWALL is arbitrarily named variable that you should replace according to your paywall settings.

Considering this, there are only three options of interest:

// 1) anonymous user reads a free article:

_ain.access_level = "free";
_ain.reader_type = "anonymous";

// 2) subscribed/registered user reads a free article:

_ain.access_level = "free";
_ain.reader_type = "subscribed"; //or "registered"

// 3) subscribed/registered user reads a paid article:

_ain.access_level = "paid";
_ain.reader_type = "subscribed"; //or "registered"

You probably have some variables that can be used to set a condition for the proper access_level and reader_type values.

You are free to modify or find another solution of your choice.

Still have a question? Feel free to drop us an email: support@contentinsights.com