Impact radar is one of the Logbooks sections that help you see when do you post stories on social media and how effective they are. 

With this analysis, you can better organize posting and maximize your traffic on social media. 

To check Impact Radar:


1. Go to Logbook > Impact Radar















2. Below Select Week there is a blue rectangle with week number and year, click on it to select week and year. You can only select the whole week. Clicking on the smaller arrow lets you change weeks and a bigger arrow lets you change years.














3. Channels will let you choose which social network you want to see. Clicking on one of the available social networks you can filter data just for it. Clicking on All it will accumulate all the data for every social network.




4. When you click on the selected social network, Impact Radar tells you which network you selected and changes colors appropriately. 

On the left side of the graph, you will see dates and on the bottom, you will see the time. In the lower-left corner, you will see an explanation of which color is Effort and which is Impact

Effort represents the time when you posted most on social media and Impact when you have the most traffic. Look at the example below, on Friday 8th of October at 12 pm, somebody made little Effort posting on social media but had a lot of Impact (traffic). 





















With this data now you will know when and how to organize your posting on social media according to the traffic.